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The Best BBL Betting Sites 2023

BBL Betting

Cricket is an incredibly popular sport all over the world. Not only do people love to watch the sport, but because practically every single bookmaker in the world has added it into their portfolio, it has become increasingly popular to bet on as well. One of the many events that the top bookies offer is the betting on the BBL (Big Bash League), one of the most followed cricket competitions globally… and also one of the most bet on!

However, before you go any further, it is essential that you find a trustworthy and completely reliable BBL betting site. You also need to ensure that before you even consider placing a real money bet on your favourite BBL team you make sure the chosen bookmaker ticks all of your boxes and meets the most important criteria. The good news is that here, at CricketBettingMan, we have stepped up. We have made it easier for you to find the cricket betting site that is the best for you. That is why we have put together a list of the very best sports betting sites that offer plenty of markets and competitive odds for the best value BBL betting experience.

The Top BBL Betting Sites


  • Offers exchange betting and standard sports betting
  • Great selection of casino games, live casino games and Indian games
  • Lots of payment options for Indian players
  • Works well on mobile devices
  • Offers 24-hour customer service
  • There isn’t a dedicated desktop version of the site
  • It is hard to find information about BetInExchange
  • There is no app for iOS only a BetInExchange apk download for Android
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  • Lots of cricket betting options as well as a variety of other popular sports for Indian bettors.
  • A good selection of online casino games including slot games and live casino games.
  • Some generous bonuses and promotions for both new and existing BetBarter players
  • Offers players customer support that is available 24 hours a day.
  • A variety of quick, convenient and secure payment options for Indian players.
  • There is no BetBarter app download available
  • Although there are numerous deposit options, there are only 2 available withdrawal options.
  • No information on withdrawal times is available.
  • No mobile number to contact the customer service team.
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  • Offers around 60 different sports to bet on
  • Accepts deposits in Indian Rupees
  • Has a well-designed Becric app
  • Lots of popular payment options
  • Customer support is available 24/7
  • Lack of information about withdrawals
  • Looks a bit busy
  • The FAQ section could be improved
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  • Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments
  • Has a low minimum deposit of just INR 100
  • A whole separate section devoted to cricket betting
  • Offers more than 2,000 sporting events every day
  • Offers exchange betting
  • Plenty of bet types available.
  • There is currently no mobile app for iOS
  • It isn’t available in Hindi
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  • Visually appealing design.
  • Decent live betting section.
  • No live streaming offered
  • Odds generally can be tight
  • New to the market
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Everything You Need to Know About BBL Betting

When we look at the popularity of sports betting all across the world, cricket ranks among the top. And, despite what many people might assume, the number of fans that watch cricket events, buy tickets to see the matches and bet on the outcomes continues to keep on growing.

One of the reasons for this is because this is a sport that offers players numerous betting opportunities. It is a game that allows the fans who have built up a solid knowledge of the sport and all of its intricacies to use this understanding to try and get some money back from it! However, it is highly unlikely that cricket betting fans will enjoy long-term gains if they start betting on every single game that they watch – it’s all about choosing the right BBL bets.

Before you bet on any cricket event, tournament or league, bettors need to learn all the basics and foundations of cricket as a whole. You need to know the different bet types, how cricket odds work and all the different factors you need to consider before you make a bet.

About the Big Bash League

The Big Bash League has been in action since back in 2011 – and over this time it has become increasingly popular over the last 11+ years. It is the domestic league of Australia and attracts fans not just from the country but from all over the world. It is starting to become one of the go-to leagues for punters, old and new, attracting more fans each and every season.

This is a league that gives enthusiastic fans 6 weeks of thrills and spills… and fans and bettors need to ensure that they are up to date and fully prepared for the start of any new season before the kick-off.

The Big Bash League Tournament Format

The Big Bash League, often referred to as the BBL or the Big Bash, is a professional league that plays in the Twenty20 cricketing format. The league was introduced by Cricket Australia, the governing body of amateur and professional cricket, over a decade ago. Along with the Indian Premier League (IPL), the Big Bash League is one of the most highly attended sporting leagues in the world. 

The league runs through the Australian summertime, with matches starting in December through to February. Undoubtedly, this is the biggest event for cricket bettors in Australia, however, there are also a number of other popular Australian events for enthusiasts:

  • Big Bash Grand Final Rematches
  • Boxing Day cricket matches
  • Melbourne and Sydney cricket derbies
  • The New Years Eve Big Bag Clash

It is worth being aware that since it was first established back in 2011, it has consistently remained in the same format, with the only exception being the very first season. When the BBL was first played, there were 28 group stage games played – with the number increasing to 32 the following year.

At the end of the 2018-19 season, every team that competed in the Big Bash would face the other teams two times. This meant that before the final series, there would be 52 matches held in total. Another anomaly that occurred in this season was that instead of a coin toss, there was a ‘bat flip’ which determined which team would bat or bowl first.

Usually, the Big Bash League final is played at the home ground of the team that has been ranked the highest in the tournament. The only exception to this was in the 2014-15 season.

The Teams in the Big Bash League

Originally, the current Big Bash League was developed to replace the KFC Twenty20 Big Bash – which consisted of six teams in total. However, the current Big Bash League is bigger and it consists of 8 city-based teams. In terms of how the teams are distributed, there is one team from each of the country’s state capitals, apart from Sydney and Melbourne, which both have two teams.

Up until the 2022 season, six out of the eight teams have all won the title on at least one occasion. However, the most successful of all the teams, overall, is the Perth Scorchers. The Scorchers, representing the Western Australian city, has won the trophy a total of four times – lifting the trophy in two consecutive seasons.

The other winning teams are the Adelaide Strikers, Brisbane Heat, Melbourne Renegades, Sydney Thunder and the Sydney Sixers, which is the other team that has managed to lift the trophy two years in a row.

After the league was created, there were numerous attempts to try and expand it. However, many times, the proposals put forward areas that international cricket didn’t cover. There were many people that were in support of the league reaching over the waters to New Zealand – which would have attracted much support from the locals.

The current Big Bash League teams are as follows:

TeamRegion Home Ground
Adelaide StrikersAdelaide (S. Australia)The Adelaide Oval
Brisbane HeatBrisbane, QueenslandBrisbane Cricket Ground
Hobart HurricanesHobart, TasmaniaThe Blundstone Arena
Melbourne RenegadesMelbourne, VictoriaThe Marvel Stadium
Melbourne StarsMelbourne, VictoriaMelbourne Cricket Ground
Perth ScorchersPerth, W. AustraliaThe Perth Stadium
Sydney SixersSydney, NSWSydney Cricket Ground
Sydney ThunderSydney, NSWSydney Showground Stadium

Four years after the men’s BBL started, in 2015, it was announced by Cricket Australia that they would be launching the Women’s Big Bash League. The very first season began in 2015 and the female teams took their names and colours from their male counterpart Big Bash League teams.

As well as a trophy for the winning team, there is also a special award to the team that ends up coming last in the BBL. The wooden spoon award is not only given to the worst-performing team, but also the worst-performing player of the season.

The Different Betting BBL Markets and Bet Types

The Big Bash League may start in December, but it is always a good idea for prospective BBL bettors to get ready for the start of the season a long time in advance. If you study the league and research it, until you know it back to front and inside-out, then you will have a huge advantage when betting time comes. However, as well as knowing all about the league, it is essential to know the different betting BBL markets and bet types that you will encounter when betting on the Big Bash League.

The very best Big Bash League betting sites online will offer punters a whole host of different betting markets – and most of the bet types that we look at will be available at our top recommended BBL betting sites…

1: Match Betting on the BBL

No matter what league or tournament you look at, compared to every other cricket betting market, the match winner bet is the most popular option. Often, these bets are the favourite of punters who are relatively new to cricket betting and haven’t fully found their feet with it yet. However, they are also popular with the more seasoned cricket bettors – because it simply requires trying to predict which team will win the game.

Another option available for a cricket bettor wanting to focus their wager on picking out the winner of the game is the three-way bet. When you make a three-way bet, there are three possible outcomes rather than the two… Team A wins, Team B wins or the game ends in a draw. However, this type of bet is usually only available when betting on test cricket matches.

2: Over/Under Big Bash League Bets

Over/Under bets, also sometimes referred to as ‘Totals’ bets are very common in sports betting – and cricket is no exception to this. When you open up the selection of bets available for your chosen BBL match, you will usually see that the bookie has selected a number which will represent the total number of runs that they predict will be scored by both of the teams combined. The cricket bettor will then need to decide whether they believe that the total number of runs scored will be over or under the number specified by the bookmaker.

Cricket betting enthusiasts should be aware that the totals bet might be just for one inning. However, usually totals bets refer to the outcome of the entire match. No matter whether it’s for the whole match or the one inning, the Over/Under bet is a popular option for punters who are undecided as to which BBL team they think has the best chance of winning.

3: Odd/Even BBL Betting

As the name may suggest, an Odd/Even wager will require the punter to correctly decide whether the overall number of runs that are scored in the match will be an even number or an odd number. If you choose this bet type, be aware that the team that wins the match doesn’t matter – all that matters is the total number of runs scored overall.

4: The Most Sixes BBL Betting

If you decide to make a Most Sixes bet, then you will need to try and predict which [layer you think will score the most sixes in an inning or a match. These bets can turn out very well for cricket betting fans – but only as long as they have done plenty of research on the current form of the competing batsmen – and the likelihood of them going all out and going big!

However, you should also look at other factors as well, such as pitch conditions and weather forecasts. If the conditions are good, then leading batsmen are more likely to go out all guns blazing.

5: The Most Run-Outs

Again, the clue is in the name. These bets are available on all types of cricket formats and BBL Twenty20 matches are no different. This bet simply involves trying to predict which of the two Big Bash League teams will manage the most run-outs.

6: The Series Winner of the BBL

Another hugely popular bet on the Big Bash League cricket betting market is predicting which Big Bash League team will win the most games. Depending on which bookmaker you choose, the BBL bets will be won if your chosen team manages to win three games or more.

7: Big Bash League Prop Bets (Proposition Bets)

As we have already stated, there are so many cricket and BBL betting opportunities – and that means that, as a cricket betting enthusiast, you won’t need to limit your wagers just on the teams winning and game results. You will also be able to make bets on the performance of the teams or individual players within the teams. These bets are generally known as props bets – and some of the most popular examples of this bet type include the top batter, the top bowler, which Big Bash team wins the toss and others.

You can also bet on the Man (Player) of the Match, which is another popular market amongst the best Big Bash League betting sites. This bet, along with all the other props bets is easy to understand and can be lots of fun to make. However, getting them right can be a little bit trickier. Having said that, if you do manage to make the right prediction, then you can get some very decent winnings – which is one of the reasons these markets are still very popular.

8: Live and In-Play Big Bash League Bets

There are all different ways in which cricket betting fans can approach cricket betting. Although making your bets before the game has started is still the most popular way to make a bet on a match, bettors can also place a wager after the game has already started.

Placing a bet on a match that is already in play is available (and increasingly popular) in all of the best Big Bash League bookmakers. This type of bet allows gambling fans to make the best profit from constantly changing odds – where timing is just as important as knowledge…

BBL Betting FAQs

Does Every BBL Bookie Offer the Same Betting Markets?

Not really, no. The betting markets you will find at different Big Bash League betting sites will often include many similar options, although there will usually be some variation on the markets on offer. Some bookmakers simply take it a lot more seriously than others. Some BBL bookies will only offer punters the most common and basic betting markets, whereas others are focused on the league and will offer fans a much more comprehensive selection of betting options.

Is It Legal To Bet on the BBL?

The question ‘Is betting on the Big Bash Legal can only be answered relative to where you live. Making a bet on the Big Bash League is legal across many countries and jurisdictions across the world. Having said that, before you start betting on the BBL (or any other cricket event, tournament or league) you will need to check the legality of sports betting where you live. Also, make sure that the betting site you choose is licensed, regulated and completely legal in your region.

What is the Best Odds Format to Use When Betting on the BBL?

This is pretty much based on your own preference. You need to decide which odds format you are the most comfortable with. The three most popular odds formats are decimal, fractional and American (moneyline) odds. However, some Big Bash League betting sites also offer other odds formats including Hong Kong, Malaysian and Indonesian. Many consider decimal odds to be the simplest of all odds formats, but UK players tend to prefer fractional odds. However, the best way to decide which one you prefer is by trying them out for yourself.

Can I bet on a BBL Match After it has Started?

These days, pretty much all good online Big Bash League betting sites will allow punters to place wagers on a match after it has already started. However, what you need to consider if this is your preferred way to bet is that the betting markets that you can access will be different – and the odds you get for betting on a game mid-flow will be hanging constantly. You need to check the markets available and ensure that your timing is right to get the best value in-play odds.

How Long Will I Have to Wait to Withdraw My Winnings from an Online Big Bash Bet?

This depends on a whole host of different factors. Ultimately, how quickly you can get to your winnings from a successful BBL bet will depend on the betting site that you placed your bet on – how long it takes to process withdrawal requests, the length of their KYC verification checks etc. It also very much depends on the method that you choose to withdraw your winnings. If you choose to withdraw using an eWallet (such as PayPal, Neteller or Skrill etc), then you will generally get your money quicker than if you were to withdraw via debit card or bank transfer. Check the banking options of your chosen bookmaker to see what its withdrawal times (and fees) are.