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Today IPL Match Prediction

On this page, you can get the very best Indian Premier League – IPL predictions and picks from our expert cricket writers. So, read on for our latest predictions, news on upcoming fixtures and which teams are taking the lead.

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Latest IPL Match Prediction

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Current IPL Points

1Gujarat Titans
2Rajasthan Royals
3Lucknow SuperGiants
4Royal Challengers Bangalore
5Delhi Capitals
6Punjab Kings
7Kolkata Knight Riders
8Sunrisers Hyderabad
9Chennai Super Kings
10Mumbai Indians

IPL Betting Predictions

Read our in-depth CricketBettingMan predictions and cricket betting tips to find out all the info you need about the two teams that are facing off days before the game kicks off. Finding out as much information as you can about the Indian Premier League match before it happens will put you in a better position to get a positive bet result – giving you an even better chance to make a profit from IPL online cricket betting.

As well as analysing the two teams, their current form, the history between the teams, the key players, pitch and the weather reports, our team of experts will also look through all the top sports and cricket betting sites to find you the best lines and odds for the match.

When you have chosen the bet you wish to make, you are just one click away from the IPL bookmaker that will give you the very best odds.

Are you looking for the best IPL betting prediction today? Well, here you can find our very best advice on who we think will win and why.

Last Week’s Predictions

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The Indian Premier League

The IPL is India’s highest-ranked T20 cricket league – considered one of the most talented and prestigious cricket competitions across the globe. The best eight teams in the country compete against each other over 60 cricket matches in the season which runs from March to May.

During this time, sportsbooks will be packed with all different IPL betting markets throughout the season, giving you the chance to bet on outright winners, props bets, futures and more. The key to success and profit is knowing when and where you should place your bets and which are the best odds and markets to take advantage of.

That’s why our IPL experts are serious fans of the league and follow each patch carefully.

Obviously, they watch all of the games, but as well as this, they read up on all the important league news and keep an eye on the trends that they feel will be helpful to make IPL betting predictions.

Here, we will give you match predictions on every single IPL game. Each analysis includes all you need to know to make a solid bet – with previews, pitch reports, the probable starting 11, the most likely winner and key players. Our reports will give you the knowledge you need to make the best predictions throughout the season.

So, if you are looking for IPL betting predictions from experts, look no further.

Our IPL Match Prediction Service

The biggest IPL betting fans visit us daily because they want to get the best IPL predictions. We have analysts that take every single thing into account when conducting their research – and when this is done, they look through the different sportsbooks to find the best prices for that market.

What we can promise, is that we never make predictions purely on a hunch – because we think one team is better. These predictions are created after several hours of researching the data, reading the history of the teams, finding match and players’ news reports – along with anything else we can use to help us help you make a successful IPL bet.

Our match predictions will be based on several different factors – details of the match, previews, predicted weather conditions, previews, probable starting X1, the most likely winner and the major players – and, of course, a link over to the best IPL betting odds.

Match Information

In terms of the match information and details, this will include details of the two teams playing against each other, the date and time of the match and, of course, the stadium and pitch where it is being played.

Most sports betting sites will keep taking pre-match bets right up until a couple of minutes before the match begins. Even if you are late, you can always make an in-play bet, which may offer even better odds if you’re lucky.

Match Preview

It is also essential to understand our match preview, which will be the main part of our predictions. In this part, you will come to know about the two teams and how important the match is for both teams. It will also look at how they both performed in the matches leading up to this – and the outcome of their most recent matchup.

Ultimately, the preview is the main thing that helps us to more accurately predict the result of the game. Aside from looking at the teams’ history and their recent form, we also go into the details.

So, for example, the Gujarat Titans might have lost their previous game against the Mumbai Indians – but that was because some of their key players were not playing and that loss had no effect on their standing.

The Pitch Report

Those new to IPL betting often overlook how important the quality of the pitch is. The pitch in IPL can have a huge impact on the outcome and can affect the team’s chance of winning a match. The pitch might suit one team over the other depending on its surface. For example, a flat pitch benefits the batters, whilst a hard pitch is better for spin bowlers.

As is the case with most sports, the home team will play better on the familiarity of their own pitch. As such, the advantage of playing at home is important in the IPL. However, some of the best teams are excellent at adjusting their play when playing away.

As well as telling us what team has a better chance of winning, a pitch can also indicate whether it is more likely to be a high score or lower score – which is helpful if betting on the over/under market.

Weather Forecast

Weather plays a huge role in cricket and the IPL. The humidity of the air and how wet the grass is can affect the movement and bounce of the ball – affecting the overall outcome of the match. Just as is the case with pitch conditions, the weather conditions will benefit certain teams – and be disadvantageous to others.

This is why this is also factored into our IPL match prediction. Weather forecasts have never been more accurate, which makes our job easier.

IPL Prediction – Key Players and Probable Starting XI

Obviously, all of the above factors play a big role in how the match will play out. However, the most important factor, of course, is the squad and the team’s probable playing XI.

Those eleven players that step out onto the pitch will be the ones that ultimately decide which team will win. So, it is essential to try and predict the most likely starting lineup and know as much about those 11 players as possible.

Obviously, this will involve a little bit of speculation as nothing will be set in stone. A team can change its lineup a day or even just hours before the start of the match – hence why we can never be totally sure until the game starts. To try and make accurate predictions, we look at coach decisions and injury reports. Most of the time, the 22 players that we predict are the ones who end up playing.

We will also look at the key players in these squads, look at their recent statistics, recent form and availability

The Probable Victors

This is what most IPL bettors that open this page want. They are looking to make a straight match winner bet and just want to know who we think will win. If that’s all you’re looking for, then this will be clearly outlined in each prediction. We will outline who we think will win and here you should go to place your wager

The Best IPL Prediction Odds

As well as helping you to decide what is the best bet for every match, we will also help you to find the best sports betting sites to make those wagers.

Every sportsbook has its individual odds and lines for different IPL matches. Although the differences between sites are usually small, you should make a point of getting the best price – which will give you the best profit. Small differences can make a big difference over time.

We look at several top IPL sportsbooks during every IPL game, seeking out which one offers the best value, so you don’t need to waste time doing that yourself. Our IPL match prediction page will direct you to the betting site with the best odds – and so you can place your bet in just a click or two.

Moreover, all of our recommended sites will be safe and secure and accept players from your country.

Reading IPL News

To make accurate IPL match predictions, we make sure that we follow up on all the information and news on the league.

This might be looking at whether a team signs up a new player, reading up on rumours that there are problems with the chemistry of a team, it could be a report on a player’s injury declaring that he will miss a big part of the season. You can read all this news about IPL matches on our CricketBettingMan news page.

If you regularly read up on the news on our website, you will have the best access to all the latest happenings in the world of the IPL. This should help you to make even more successful IPL wagers. We ensure that we cover all of the most important stories that could affect the performance of a team. We get all of this news and information from the most reliable sources, so you never need to worry about fake news here.

It might even be that you don’t even want to bet on the IPL – you just wish to read up on the news and find out what is going on. As an IPL fan, you can find out player news, match reports and important announcements.

However, that’s just one part of the news section. When the season has finished and the players take a well-deserved rest, you will get the latest news on all other cricketing action that is happening across the globe.

There will be plenty of action going on before the start of the IPL season and after it has finished – and some of this will affect the IPL itself – so we will keep you updated on relevant stories and information throughout the year.

We also know that news reporting is time-sensitive – there’s no use in reporting old news, especially if this news can be used to help make successful IPL bets. If you don’t get the news quick enough, a bookmaker will pick up on the news first, adjust their odds accordingly and you won’t get any value in that bet. For this reason, we get the news up as quickly as possible.

We will post news reports regularly – which means that you can always access the latest news on all of your favourite Indian Premier League teams and players.

The Indian Premier League Schedule

Another important factor in predicting which team will win an IPL match is the schedule. Some teams have the advantage of playing in specific weather conditions and they also have an advantage when playing on their home pitch. If they have to play in a ground that they are unfamiliar with and in unfavourable weather conditions, it can affect their performance significantly – and that of their opponents.

Because all of our IPL match predictions take into consideration match details such as scheduled time and date, as well as the stadium, you should also make sure that you keep an eye on the schedule – in case of last-minute changes.

IPL Match Online Cricket Betting Prediction FAQs

How Many Experts Do You Have Covering IPL Matches?

We have several IPL betting experts from across the world covering particularly, mostly based in India – who are passionate about IPL matches and betting. 

Is It Legal to Bet on IPL Prediction?

Yes, it is legal to place a bet based on our cricket IPL match predictions. Punters from all over the world put our IPL match predictions to great use.

Indian bettors can use companies that are based outside of the country to place their bets safely and securely. India has no law forbidding online IPL betting and no one has yet been prosecuted for it.

Do You Recommend IPL Betting Sites?

Yes, we recommend the top IPL sports betting sites to users. We research and review all of the biggest and best IPL bookies to bring you those with the best odds, best betting offers and generous promotions and bonuses.

By making your bets at our trusted partners, you can enjoy the best value IPL bets possible.

What Happens If I Lose Money on Your IPL Match Prediction?

We will always ask two things of our users. Firstly, you should always place your bets responsibly and you should never bet more money than you can afford to lose. We also ask you to understand that cricket betting isn’t guaranteed and is more profitable over the long-term. We bring you solid predictions, but ultimately, anything can happen on the day.

A key player could be injured, there could be different weather conditions than described – anything can change. This could mean a bet loses unexpectedly. We publish our predictions in an honest and transparent way. Some will win and others may lose and you need to be aware of this when you bet.

Who Will Win Today IPL Match?

Look at our section ‘Today Match Prediction and see our latest IPL cricket predictions for the IPL cricket match you’re looking to make your cricket bets on. You will also find our recommended cricket online betting sites that offer the best value odds.

What Other Betting Tips and Predictions Do You Offer?

We offer tips and predictions for all major tournaments and events – and even more low-key events as well. Whether you want to make bets on the tournament winner of the T20 World Cup – or bet on the Sydney Thunder Women, there is something for all cricket fans. Check out today’s match predictions for the best bets with the most competitive odds here at CricketBettingMan.

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