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Test Match Prediction 2023

If you are looking to get started at betting on test cricket, then expert predictions play a vital role in your journey. That’s our role here at CricketBettingMan – to provide cricket fans with whatever expert Test match predictions they need and to help them start winning bets and making a profit. But what makes our expert predictions so expert?

Today Test Match Prediction

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Our expert Test match predictions come from test cricket fanatics who spend all of their time studying and analysing test matches and having a deep understanding of all the different factors that can affect a test match such as weather conditions, pitch reports, the form of key players, team form – all essential to making a successful test match bet.

Our test match experts have built up a solid reputation for giving well-researched and accurate match predictions.

If you are new to test match betting then we are certain that our predictions will be useful to you and help you to become a solid and successful bettor. You can start to gain the knowledge you need for betting on whatever test match you want as soon as our team updates the test match predictions, normally around 48 hours before the test match starts.

Our match-winner prediction bet will be the most popular betting market prediction. However, along with match winner predictions, we will also provide you with an in-depth reason for how we made this prediction – so you can use this to help you to predict future test match winners.

As well as a test match winner prediction, we will also provide you with alternative betting predictions on other bet types, along with bets that we think are the best value bets in the test match. This might include players to score 100, the highest score in the first 10 overs, over-under bets and many others.

Here is everything that we look at when providing you with our test match predictions and previews:

Latest Test Match Prediction

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Factors To Consider in Test Match Prediction

So, let’s take a look at all of the information we need to provide you with a full and in-depth test match prediction:

Test Match Details and Information

Here we will look at all of the most important facts and information about the test match. This will include details regarding the date and time of the test match as well as the venue. This will help you to know how long you have to place your pre-match bet down.

Test Match Toss Prediction

Obviously, the toss is 50/50 – and purely luck. So we won’t even try to predict the outcome of a test match coin toss. However, we can use the outcome of the coin toss to predict the decision of the test match captain that wins the toss.

There will be several factors that will come into play here – the condition of the pitch, the weather condition, squad changes, the form of players, the payers’ records on that pitch and previous toss decisions taken by the captain – as well as factors that are already occurring in the test that may affect the choice of the captain.

Pitch Report and Conditions

The condition of the pitch and the Test Match pitch report is a very important factor which can have a huge effect on the outcome, all depending on the condition of the pitch.

Our Test Match experts will always base their predictions taking into account the pitch conditions. This could either be advantageous or disadvantageous to certain players. It could benefit spin bowlers or pacers, or it could benefit aggressive or defensive batsmen.

By looking at a pitch report, our Test Match experts have a better chance of predicting whether a Test Match will be high-scoring or low scoring – or which players will have a key role in the success of the squad.

Weather Forecast

As an outdoor sport, cricket is very much affected by weather conditions. We will check out the weather reports for chances of heat, rain, thunderstorms etc. Rain will affect the outfield, which benefits the bowling team as this can slow down the ball. Also, if the bowling team has some good swing bowlers, rain sometimes benefits them as well.

We also have to consider the dew factor, which plays a big role in some Test cricket matches, especially if they are played day to night, where dew may appear during the second innings. If this is the case, the toss winner will usually choose to bat second, chasing the target with the dew advantage. Dew can hinder bowlers, making it tough to get a good line and length. This can lead to a better chance for the batsmen to hit a good shot.

Last Week’s Test Match Prediction

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Test Match Team News

It is also essential that we find out all the important information and news on both teams and their players. This includes any injuries, news on key players, the form of the team, any issues with chemistry etc. 

We will use this (amongst other things) to try and predict the probable starting XI – by going through all the updates about players’ performances.

By looking for key players, we can help you to place your bets on those players that are currently in-form, which can help you to make even more profits from different betting markets.

Additionally, we check out the form of both teams in their most recent test matches. Sometimes even the best team isn’t in top form… and not knowing this can lead to unsuccessful bets.

Alongside this, we will take into consideration the head-to-head stats for the teams, looking at how many test matches they have played against each other, which team has won the most – and which team has won the most recently. This will help you to make your bets more confidently.

Ultimately, these are the most important factors our experts look at and study in depth in order to bring you our best Test Match predictions. However, that’s not all, here are some other things that we offer.

Test Match Tips

We have a special page dedicated to Test Match cricket betting tips, where we offer an overview of the teams and players. This will come in useful when making your winning Test Match bets.

Test Match Betting Odds

As well as knowing who is most likely to win and what the best bets for a Test Match are, it’s also important that you know where you can find the best and most competitive odds for the bet. We scour through all of our recommended Test Match betting sites to see which will give you the best value. We know that every difference – even if it’s a small difference – can have a big effect on the long-term profitability of your Test Match betting.

Test Match Prediction FAQs

Here are the most frequently asked questions on Test Cricket Match predictions:

Is Betting on Test Match Cricket Online Legal?

This very much depends on where you are placing your bets, as the online sports betting laws are different in different countries and regions. Online betting on Test Match cricket is legal in England and India, for example, but in some US states and other countries, it is still illegal. It is also essential that you only bet on a site that is legal and licensed in your country or region.

How Do I Make a Deposit on a Test Cricket Site?

First, you need to choose what sports betting site you want to make a Test Match bet on and ensure that it is licensed in your country. You will then need to register for a new account. When this is done, open the banking section and see what deposit option you would prefer to use. The possibilities usually include bank cards, bank transfers and eWallets such as PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. Deposits are instant – and then you can make your bet!

How Old Do I Have to Be to Bet on a Test Match

This depends on what country you live in – as each country and region has different laws. It is essential that you know the betting laws of your country before attempting to bet on cricket online. 

What is The Best Deposit Option for Test Match Cricket Betting?

This again depends on your personal preference and where you live. The best online cricket betting sites will offer a good selection of options, but you need to make sure that it is eligible where you live – and that it deals with your national currency. As our Test Match cricket predictions are so accurate, we recommend that you choose a deposit option that offers fast withdrawals (such as eWallets) – so you can get to your winnings quickly!?

Is it Safe to Bet on Test Match Cricket Using Your Cricket Match Prediction?

Yes. Although we obviously can’t guarantee that every one of our predictions will be a winner, as long as you keep your cricket bets within your limits and bet at a reputable and licensed online Test Match betting site, then it’s safe. Make sure that you avoid bookmakers that try to lure you in with huge bonuses and crazy good odds… only to refuse to pay out. Here at CricketBettingMan, we want you to not only have the best chance of winning your bet but also getting your winnings out of the bookmaker as well. That’s why we only recommend tried, tested, trusted and regulated sites.

If I Win, How Long Will it Take to Get My Money?

If you use our Test Match cricket betting predictions and are successful, then how long it takes to get your money depends on the website and the withdrawal method. The process, for you, takes just a couple of minutes. However, the bookmaker may take hours (or days) to process the withdrawal (pending time). Then if it’s an eWallet, it is very quick. However, bank cards can take up to 5 more days and bank transfers can take even longer.

What is the Minimum I Can Bet on a Test Match Prediction?

This depends on the betting site. Usually, the site will have a minimum deposit requirement of between £5 and £10 (or currency equivalent). However, you won’t need to spend all of that money on one bet. You need to make sure that you read the individual betting site’s terms and conditions to see their minimum bet requirement as it varies from bookie to bookie.

What is the Maximum I Can Bet on a Test Match Prediction?

Again, this is down to the individual betting site. They will often apply deposit limits and maximum bet limits depending on their liquidity. They won’t want to leave themselves open to massive exposure. However, big bookies can accept bets of thousands. However, always remember to never bet more than you can afford. Although we believe our predictions give you a good chance of winning, there is no such thing as a sure thing – so you should never bet more than you can afford to lose.

How Long Does it Take to Make a Test Match Bet?

It takes just a few minutes. At most of our recommended Test Match sites, registration takes just minutes and depositing is instant. As soon as the funds are in your account, simply enter the cricket betting predictions you want to bet on, enter your stake and press confirm. It should take no more than 5 minutes.

What is The Maximum Win I Can Withdraw?

Normally, minimum withdrawals are pretty low, but they can vary from site to site. They usually sit somewhere between £5 and £20, so check with the betting site. Hopefully, the amount you win with one of our Test Match predictions will be more, so you will be able to withdraw the money straight away!

Is There a Maximum Amount I Can Withdraw?

Yes, there will be a limit put on how much you can withdraw, which will vary from site to site. We recommend that you factor this in when making your bet. If you know that your bet type and the stake will result in a win larger than the maximum withdrawal then be prepared to withdraw the money out in lump sums.

What is the Best Test Match Bet To Put Money On?

At CricketBettingMan, we will provide you with predictions for matches that cover a whole variety of different bet types and betting markets. The best bet will vary from match to match – and will be the one that offers the most value.

The most popular ones are match-winner bets, top batsman, the man of the match, top bowler and highest opening partnership. The match-winner bet is generally the simplest of the bets, this may not always offer value, so it might be best to go with one of the other bet types.

Can I Bet On Your Test Match Predictions After the Match has Started? 

Yes, practically all of our top Test Match betting sites will offer live betting on Test Matches. This means that it doesn’t matter if you’re a bit late. The odds may be slightly different – higher or lower depending on what is happening, so try and get as much value as you can if this is the case.

Should I Open An Account at More than One Test Match Betting Site?

Yes, we would always recommend having an account with more than one bookmaker. Often the best odds can be found by shopping around – and our Test Match predictions will recommend odds from different sites. Not only will you be able to find better value odds by having more than one account, but you can also enjoy more bonuses and promotions.

Do You Offer Cricket Betting Tips

Yes, as well as offering cricket betting predictions, our cricket betting experts also offer free betting tips on major cricket leagues and tournaments such as the Indian Premier League. We also point you in the direction of the best online betting sites that offer the most competitive odds and offers such as free bets and best boosts

The Best Online Cricket Betting Sites


  • Offers exchange betting and standard sports betting
  • Great selection of casino games, live casino games and Indian games
  • Lots of payment options for Indian players
  • Works well on mobile devices
  • Offers 24-hour customer service
  • There isn’t a dedicated desktop version of the site
  • It is hard to find information about BetInExchange
  • There is no app for iOS only a BetInExchange apk download for Android
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  • Lots of cricket betting options as well as a variety of other popular sports for Indian bettors.
  • A good selection of online casino games including slot games and live casino games.
  • Some generous bonuses and promotions for both new and existing BetBarter players
  • Offers players customer support that is available 24 hours a day.
  • A variety of quick, convenient and secure payment options for Indian players.
  • There is no BetBarter app download available
  • Although there are numerous deposit options, there are only 2 available withdrawal options.
  • No information on withdrawal times is available.
  • No mobile number to contact the customer service team.
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  • Offers around 60 different sports to bet on
  • Accepts deposits in Indian Rupees
  • Has a well-designed Becric app
  • Lots of popular payment options
  • Customer support is available 24/7
  • Lack of information about withdrawals
  • Looks a bit busy
  • The FAQ section could be improved
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  • Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments
  • Has a low minimum deposit of just INR 100
  • A whole separate section devoted to cricket betting
  • Offers more than 2,000 sporting events every day
  • Offers exchange betting
  • Plenty of bet types available.
  • There is currently no mobile app for iOS
  • It isn’t available in Hindi
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  • Visually appealing design.
  • Decent live betting section.
  • No live streaming offered
  • Odds generally can be tight
  • New to the market
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