Jonny Bairstow’s stumping divides the cricket world after England’s loss

Toby Marshall
7 July 2023
Jonny Bairstow

The second Test match in the Ashes series between England and Australia reached an exciting conclusion on Sunday, with another thrilling Day 5 finish. The match at Lord’s will be remembered for Ben Stokes’ brilliant innings and Australia’s ability to maintain their composure in a winning position. However, it will also be known for the controversial moments that sparked intense debate within cricket circles.

The stumping of Jonny Bairstow by Alex Carey proved to be a crucial turning point in the match, as it forced Stokes to take risks while batting with the lower order. This dismissal left England with only one recognized batsman remaining, bringing Australia closer to victory.

The nature of the dismissal has caused frustration among the English team, as Carey threw the ball at the stumps after Bairstow had assumed the over was complete. However, according to the rules, it was a perfectly legal form of dismissal, with Carey taking advantage of Bairstow’s lack of awareness in that situation to claim his wicket.

The England team’s response is that Bairstow assumed the ball was dead once Carey had possession, feeling deceived by the Australian keeper. Stokes, who scored an exceptional 155 runs with nine sixes, believed that the Bairstow dismissal was the pivotal moment of the game. He expressed reluctance to win a match in such a manner. Various reactions emerged regarding the dismissal, ranging from questioning the Spirit of Cricket to admiring Carey’s game awareness.

This incident also brought up similar occurrences in cricket history, including Brendon McCullum’s run out of Muttiah Muralitharan in a Test match at Christchurch.

During the second Test match in the Ashes series, a controversial incident occurred involving Jonny Bairstow’s dismissal and Alex Carey’s stumping. This incident has generated significant discussion among cricket enthusiasts. Stuart Broad, who was heard on the stump mic, even made a comment to Carey about how this incident would be remembered, which instantly reminded people of Broad’s own non-walk incident in the 2013 Ashes Test.

In addition, Australian batsman Travis Head claimed that Bairstow had also attempted a similar dismissal on him during the first Test at Edgbaston. These incidents have added fuel to the ongoing debate surrounding fair play and sportsmanship in cricket.

Author Toby Marshall